About Us

Spocket® was born out of frustration. For a majority of our adult life we were looking for a perfect wallet – slim, but at the same time capacious enough to hold all necessary documents and cash.

Most of the available wallets are far from being perfect. Some unnecessary straps, thick naps, cards stored in a definitely wrong way. Finding a wallet that would suit you is like a crusade for the Holy Grail. So after a few tries it became obvious that if you want your Holy Grail, you have to do it yourself.

First discovery was that wallet does not have to be made of leather. Such wallets are very durable, but very similar to each other and, let us be frank, just boring. And their main flaw is of course their thickness.

We searched for some replacement and then we came across completely unusual material we had found in home improvement retailer. Tyvek® appeared to be suitable not only for home-wraps and overalls, but also for wallets. It is extremely sturdy, water-resistant and 100% recyclable. And it is printable, so we can print whatever we want.

With the suitable material we made several wallets for ourselves. And when we started to use our friends expressed unexpected interests in them. We started to hear :“Hey, make one for me as well” quite often. So willy-nilly we decided to enter the murky areas of private enterprise and launch this start-up.

We want our products to be as comfortable as possible, to have eye-catching prints, to accompany you in your workplaces, schools, during your workouts, running trainings and biking, during your near and distant travels.

We had really good time designing Spockets® and we hope that you will have a good time as well using them.

We would like to thank all those who supported us in this enterprise. Your precious remarks were very helpful – we would not be here if it were not for you.

Best regards

Monika i Andrzej Mierzanowscy