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Probably the slimmest wallet in the world – only 1,5 mm! Ideal for those irritated by stuffed pockets or the necessity of carrying wallet in a palm.

The wallet is made of Tyvek®, synthetic invented by DuPont™ engineers, which combines the best properties of paper, fabric and plastic. Tyvek® is light, but at the same time extremely tear-resistant, even after sewing. It is water-resistant and fully recyclable. Tyvek®’s characteristics make wallet adjustable to the way of usage, so in time it acquires individual features as crinkles and abrasions (like, for example, jeans).

High quality UV print is durable, does not smudge and does not fade in the sunlight.


– 8 card slots for ID, driving licence, credit and club cards
– 2 pockets for vehicle registration document
– Main cash pocket

Size: 11,5 x 8,5 cm

This wallet is also available with proximity card protection. We use inlay with special laminate SIHL EnDURO Effect RFID Shield, that contains a security barrier to prevent RFID detection at 125kHz, 13.56MHz and in the 2,4 – 2,5GHz range.

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